Below you will find a few of our current projects.

Forced Air Warming by Mistral-Air is a widely used and clinically accepted intervention for the prevention of hypothermia and/or rewarming of the postoperative surgical patient.
Probes Probes used in combination with MYLAB ultra-sound scanners.
The BrainMarker Device enables the user to measure a 19 channel EEG. The quality of the signals (signal-to-noise ratio) is extremely high which makes the system highly suitable for scientific research and standard neurological applications in hospitals. BrainMarker2
Finometer2 The Finometer PRO is a stand-alone solution for accurate non-invasive beat-to-beat blood pressure monitoring.
The Bike Reha, Crosswalker and EN-Motion are products for rehabilitation and medical fitness for the physiotherapy market. The Bike Reha has been developed for cardiorespiratory training, rehabilitation and sports training in general. The Crosswalker is a total body workout-ergometer. The EN-Motion is a cardiorespiratory rehabilitation device.
Vitrobot2 The Vitrobot is a preparationrobot for samples for Cryo Transmission Electronmicroscopy (Cryo-TEM). The Vitrobot freezes the biological structures in their 'natural environment'.