The core activity of AIM is the production of professional medical equipment and instruments. The products are produced in small to medium-sized batches. We think that everyone should do what they do best. Therefore we involve different partners in the process, but AIM takes care of the final assembling and testing to guarantee high quality. We outsource activities as product development, software development, and component production, to specialized partners with whom we have long-lasting relationships.

Quality guarentee

High quality is an absolute requirement in the world of professional medical equipment. All products we produce comply to internationally valid quality standards and are checked and tested through functionality tests, safety tests, high voltage tests, and endurance tests. Our quality system is audited on a regularly basis by e.g. TüV, FDA and UL.

Our certifications:

EN ISO 13485:2012
‐ 21 CFR part 820 (Quality System Regulations (USA))
- MHLW Ministrerial Ordinance No. 169, 2004 (Medical Quality management system Japan)

We also comply to the Canadian Medical Devices Regulations, if applicable for AIM, and we produce products that are UL (Underwriters Laboratories - USA) certified.