About us

Advanced Instruments Manufacturing (AIM) has been a specialist in producing professional medical instruments and equipment for over fourty years now. Located in Brunssum, Limburg, we offer our services to product owners.

Our business

AIM can manage the entire production of new or existing medical equipment. We co-operate with different specialized partners on the fields of product development, design, and certification. This way we can offer you state of the art knowledge, and we can focus on what we do best: producing high qualitative medical instruments and equipment, so you can focus on your core activities.

Our clients

Our customers are innovative companies that focus on marketing and sales. On request, we can take care of the entire project: helping with product development, purchasing the components, the management of documents, assembling, testing the products, packaging, and delivering the finished product. It is also possible to only make use of a part of this offer. We also give you full insight in the price calculations, so you are guaranteed of the best price quality ratio.

Production hall



AIM was founded in 1970 as the production department of Enraf-Nonius, developer of products for medical proffesionals, physiotherapists and motion experts. In 1998 AIM privatized. The company has been growing for years, and nowadays consists of 50 professionals.